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Lipids in Retinal Health and Disease

Edited by Zhongjie Fu, Chuck T. Chen, Michael Landowski, Qian Li Dyslipidaemia is associated with many retinal metabolic diseases during development and aging. However, the role of lipids in retinal health is not well known. BMJ Open Ophthalmology is calling for submissions on retinal lipid biology including lipid alterations and dyslipidaemia-associated metabolic changes (glucose, amino acid) in retinal diseases, targeting metabolism for disease prevention and treatment. Please find the full details here.

Imaging and Biomarkers in Ophthalmology

Edited by Vito Romano, Mariantonia Ferrara, Jingjing Huang Ophthalmic imaging methods are crucial for diagnosing and managing various eye pathologies, enabling improved detection and characterization of structural and functional changes in the eye. The application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Deep Learning in ophthalmic imaging opens up new possibilities for screening, diagnosis, monitoring, and predicting the progression of ocular conditions. This Topic Collection includes original research on various ophthalmic imaging methods, biomarkers and the use of AI, and Deep Learning techniques in both anterior and posterior segments of the eye. Please find full details here.  

Slowing the Progression of Myopia

Edited by Ramesh Kekunnaya, Pavan Kumar Verkicharla The increasing prevalence of myopia, exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, has become a significant public health concern. This Topic Collection in BMJ Open Ophthalmology aims to address myopia progression with original research on recent advances in myopia interventions to arrest the axial elongation, including pharmacological, optical, contact lenses and behavioural change approaches. Please find full details here.