Table 2

Knowledge regarding cornea transplantation, the donation process and eligibility for cornea donation

Knowledge regarding cornea transplantationYes % (n)No % (n)
Are you aware that some corneal diseases/conditions can lead to blindness?77.2% (1365)22.8% (404)
Are you familiar with the term ‘cornea transplantation’?58.6% (1036)41.4% (733)
Are you aware that corneal blindness may be reversible with corneal transplantation?37.9% (671)62.1% (1098)
Are corneal transplantation surgeries performed in Greece?32.7% (579)67.3% (1190)
Knowledge regarding the donation process and eligibility for cornea donationYes % (n)No % (n)
When a corneal graft is procured, is the whole eye removed?13.4% (237)86.6% (1532)
Does cornea donation change the appearance of the donor?8.4% (148)91.6% (1621)
Is cadaveric eye donation possible, or only heart-beating brain-dead donors are eligible to donate?76.3% (1350)23.7% (419)
Is it possible to donate only one’s cornea and no other organs?92.9% (1644)7.1% (125)