Table 2

Multivariate ORs of clinical factors for 5-year graft survival of post-DSAEK

Clinical factorsMultivariate analysis
OR95% CIP valuen
Age at surgery
 >65 years old4.480.71 to 28.380.11106
 Female0.500.08 to 3.210.4675
Donor graft size
 >8.0 mm2.610.32 to 20.700.3719
Donor age
 >65 years old3.440.73 to 16.160.1269
Donor gender
 Female0.450.09 to 2.290.3461
Combined with lens surgery
 Yes0.460.09 to 2.490.3754
Peripheral anterior synechia
 Yes0.790.11 to 5.690.8216
Scleral-suture fixated IOL
 Yes0.530.06 to 4.430.5611
Previous trabeculectomy and tube-shunt surgery
 Yes0.010.00 to 0.10<0.0119
Air removal due to pupillary block
 Yes0.140.01 to 1.750.139
Air rebubbling
 Yes5.570.19 to 159.580.328
Postoperative rejection
 Yes0.020.00 to 0.33<0.017
Additional glaucoma surgery after DSAEK
 Yes0.300.03 to 2.650.288
  • Multivariate analysis was adjusted for donor endothelial cell density.

  • DSAEK, Descemet’s stripping automated endothelial keratoplasty;IOL, intraocular lens.