Table 4

Angle reopening and number of medications

AuthorAngle wideningNumber of medications
Romito et al10ND0.81±0.94 to 1.2±1.04 (p>0.001)
Ritch9100%1.2±1.0 to 0.6±0.7 (no p value)
Peterson et al471%0.41±0.67
  • To 0.81±0.83 (p=0.056) (1 year)

  • To 1.67±1.03 (p=0.44) (5 years)

Ramakrishnan et al16NA1.6±0.5 to 0.7±1 (p<0.001)
Junqueira et al1190%ND
Singh et al1246%Non-significant
Gomes Prado et al1391%Treatment regimen was not changed
Ouazzani et al15NDFour eyes stopped medications
  • n years indicate follow-up time.

  • NA, not applicable; ND, not done.