Table 2

Trends in absolute difference of subjective refraction versus autorefraction of right eye measurements

All right eyesFemaleMaleHospitalVision centre
Avg (D)m (D/year)b (D)Avg (D)m (D/year)b (D)Avg (D)m (D/year)b (D)Avg (D)m (D/year)b (D)Avg (D)m (D/year)b (D)
|MSR -MAR|0.4820.0010.430.4480.0010.430.5290.0020.470.4920.0010.460.4550.0020.39
  • AR, autorefractor prescription; Avg, average; D, dioptre; J0, vertical Jackson cross cylinder; J45, oblique Jackson cross cylinder; M, spherical equivalent; SR, subjective refraction prescription; b, intercept of linear fit; m, slope of linear fit.