Table 1

Summary of patients’ characteristics

PatientAge and genderFirst visitAdverse effectsLast visit
Left eyeRight eye
136 MOne periph.One periph.YesNo changesNo
233 FOne juxtap.No changes
350 FOne juxtap.YesNo changesLess exudation
420 MOne juxtap.HypotensionNo changes
515 MOne periph.No changes
638 FOne juxtap.Withdrawn
722 MTwo periph.Two periph.No changes
  • The table exclusively includes active tumours in the initial or final visit, which was the principal objective of the treatment.

  • *'No changes’ indicates no new tumours or growth of previous ones.

  • †Withdrawn from the clinical trial due to a scheduled surgery.

  • Juxtap, Juxtapapillary; Periph, peripheral.