Table 1

Table showing prioritisation of the nine key domains: first from the literature review (52 publications in total) and then from our HSK patient survey

Areas of research interestPercentage of publications in each area (Number of publications on PubMed for the year 2014)Areas of research interest by number of publications found on PubMed in 2014 (1=most publications, 7=least publications)Areas of research interest in order of importance as per HSK survey ranking (1=highest priority, 7=lowest priority)
1. Risk factors for recurrence of infection12% (6)41
2. How quickly the infection can be treated21% (11)24
3. When there is failure to treat the infection14% (7)33
4. Developing tests to guide our treatment more effectively8% (4)52
5. Uncertainties about disease resistance to treatment5% (3)75
6. The need for long-term treatment7% (4)68
7. Risk factors for developing infection33% (17)16
8. Impact of the disease on quality of life0% (0)87
9.The frequency of hospital visits0% (0)99
  • All patients in the HSK Patient Participation Group were sent a survey based on these nine domains of research.

  • For each domain, ranking is given by the number of publications in 2014 as an indicator of where research efforts were focused. This is compared with the ranking of research priorities by our HSK Patient Participation Group survey.

  • HSK, herpes simplex keratitis.