Table 3

Intergroup and intragroup comparison of vision as per logMAR chart among children with amblyopia receiving eye patch application

Vision (logMAR chart)GroupIndependent t-test t (df), p value
Experimental n=35*Control n=35*
Affected eye
 Preintervention Vision0.47±0.310.59±0.34−1.66 (74), 0.1
 Postintervention Vision0.38±0.290.62±0.35−3.365 (74), 0.001
Paired t-test
 Mean difference0.089±0.13−0.024±0.095
 (CI) lower–upper0.047–0.132−0.56–0.007
 t (df), p value4.2 (38), <0.001−1.55 (36), 0.13
Occluded eye
 Preintervention vision0.54±0.360.38±0.321.94 (62), 0.57
 Postintervention vision0.39±0.310.42±0.31−0.275 (62), 0.784
Paired t-test
 Mean difference0.155±0.213−0.03±0.15
 (CI) lower–upper0.077–0.23−0.084–0.018
 t (df), p value4.054 (30), <0.001−1.32 (32), 0.196
  • N=70.

  • *Four children from experimental and 2 from the control group had both eyes affected so 39 affected eyes in exp and 37 in the control group.