Table 5

Long-term public healthcare costs in Euro in the fifth and 10th year from index date according to medication adherence to glaucoma treatment in the first year and in the first 2 years

Healthcare costs*Adherence5 years follow-up10 years follow-up
Estimate (95% CI)†‡PEstimate (95% CI)†‡P
Hospital contactsFirst year adherence
Poorly adherentRef.Ref.
Highly adherent−106.57 (−160.25; −52.89)<0.001−117.76 (−171.46; −64.06)<0.001
Glaucoma-related medicinesPoorly adherentRef.Ref.
Highly adherent140.50 (135.61; 145.40)<0.00177.59 (73.25; 81.94)<0.001
Hospital contactsFirst two years adherence
Poorly adherentRef.Ref.
Highly adherent−190.77 (−245.95; −135.59)<0.001−205.16 (−260.36; −149.96)<0.001
Glaucoma-related medicinesPoorly adherentRef.Ref.
Highly adherent164.26 (159.30; 169.22)<0.00192.67 (88.19; 97.15)<0.001
  • *The analyses of hospital contacts and glaucoma-related medicines were tested separately, and adjusted for age, sex, and CCI.

  • †In all analyses, poor adherence was considered the reference group.

  • ‡Beta estimates denoting differences between average costs in the sample (poor adherence vs adherence).