Table 3

Univariate and multivariate analysis of the risk factors for optic atrophy by primary outcome

Univariate analysisMultivariate analysis
OR (95% CI)P valueOR (95% CI)P value
Male sex0.83 (0.34 to 1.88)0.666
IIH1.00 (0.47 to 2.11)0.996
Haemorrhage33.17 (11.40 to 113.85)p<0.00119.12 (3.92 to 111.37)p<0.001
VF damage*37.51 (10.97 to 176.88)p<0.001
VA≤20/2525.76 (9.38 to 80.61)p<0.0017.76 (1.35 to 46.39)0.020
Initial GCL reach†35.67 (5.92 to 685.24)0.00118.25 (1.94 to 416.59)0.021
Cephalees0.82 (0.35 to 2.01)0.646
Visualblur1.79 (0.84 to 3.81)0.129
Nausea/vomiting1.30 (0.60 to 2.78)0.495
Diplopia‡2.07 (0.85 to 4.85)0.098
Tinnitus1.32 (0.28 to 4.73)0.687
Eclipses2.61 (0.83 to 7.62)0.085
Seizures4.26 (0.96 to 18.92)0.049
Mean AMean NAP valueOR (95% CI)P value
Age (years)24.5722.040.997
BMI (kg/m2†)25.7228.090.061
ICP (cmH20)36.4043.570.042
TR D0 (μm)483.72796.69p<0.0011.01 (1.01 to 1.02)0.001
RNFL j0 (μm)199.63365.28p<0.001
  • The bold values are the significant values (p < 0.05).

  • *Defined by a visual field impairment other than blind spot enlargement.

  • †Defined by an initial GCL at D0 lower than 1 mm3.

  • ‡By paralysis of the VI nerve.

  • §Delay between the first symptoms and the diagnosis.

  • BMI, body mass index; GCL, ganglion cell layer; ICP, intracranial pressure; IIH, idiopathic intracranial hypertension; mean A/NA, mean in the atrophy/non-atrophy group; RNFL D0, retinal nerve fibre layer thickness at diagnosis; TR D0, total peripapillary retinal thickness at diagnosis; VA≤20/25, initial visual acuity less than or equal 20/25 on the Snellen scale; VF, visual field.