Table 4

Comparison of IOP EyeCee One cohort and non-EyeCee One cohort

EyeCee One IOL
Non-EyeCee One IOL
P value
Mean preoperative IOP15.3±5.0315.4±4.340.905
Glaucomatous eyesn=112n=41
Preoperative IOP, mm Hg, mean±SD18.8±8.8218.7±6.500.939
Postoperative IOP, mm Hg, mean±SD21.4±10.217.8±6.780.040
Non-glaucomatous eyesn=671n=266
Preoperative IOP, mm Hg, mean±SD14.8±3.7714.9±3.660.693
Postoperative IOP, mm Hg, mean±SD16.6±7.5614.5±4.07<0.001
  • IOL, intraocular lens; IOP, intraocular pressure.