Table 2

Comparison of anterior segment angle parameters before and after yttrium–aluminium–garnet laser peripheral iridotomy and cataract surgery

Anterior chamber angle parametersLaser peripheral iridotomy
(Embedded Image ± SD)
Cataract extraction
(Embedded Image ± SD)
P value
Trabecular iris angle (°)
 Pre surgery10.53±2.259.7±2.090.18
 Post surgery19.37±3.6739.55±3.660.00
 P value<0.05<0.05
AOD 250 (mm)
 Pre surgery0.225±0.0080.222±0.0070.34
 Post surgery0.237±0.0040.413±0.0140.00
 P value<0.05<0.05
AOD 500 (µm)
 Pre surgery0.257±0.0080.275±0.0590.94
 Post surgery0.303±0.0080.504±0.0050.00
 P value<0.05<0.05
AOD 750 (µm)
 Pre surgery0.376±0.0130.371±0.0080.99
 Post surgery0.408±0.0580.600±0.0230.00
 P value<0.05<0.05
TISA 500 (mm2)
 Pre surgery0.084±0.140.122±0.130.32
 Post surgery0.127±0.020.496±0.090.00
 P value<0.05<0.05
TISA 750 (mm2)
 Pre surgery0.15±0.070.18±0.070.36
 Post surgery0.19±0.150.70±0.030.00
 P value<0.05<0.05
ARA 500 (mm2)
 Pre surgery0.17±0.070.20±0.070.87
 Post surgery0.20±0.060.62±0.090.00
 P value<0.05<0.05
ARA 750 (mm2)
 Pre surgery0.23±0.100.28±0.070.34
 Post surgery0.24±0.060.83±0.030.00
 P value<0.05<0.05
  • AOD, Angle opening distance; ARA, Angle recess area; TISA, Trabecular iris surface area.