Table 4

Real-world studies with 7-year or 10-year follow-up with correlation of mean number of total injections given, baseline visual acuity, final visual acuity and change in visual acuity

Baseline VA (ETDRS letters, mean)Mean change in VA (ETDRS letters, mean)Mean total number of injectionsFinal VA (ETDRS letters, mean)
Studies with 7-year follow-up
This study, 7-year follow-up (n=194)62–1.838.960.2
Rofagha et al13 SEVEN-UP (n=65)54.3–8.634.645.7
Gillies et al14 (n=131)61–2.73658.3
Berg et al15 (n=40)62.6–0.94561.7
Westborg et al16 (n=322)54.3–121.453.3
Brynskov et al17 (n=288)63–3.330.959.7
Pearson correlate0.18†0.43*
P value (two-tail sig.)0.970.40
Studies with 10-year follow-up
This study, 10-year follow-up (n=43)61–4.353.856.7
Gillies et al18 2019 ANZ (n=132)60.7–0.95359.8
Gillies et al 2019 SWI (n=37)61.6–14.94246.7
Chandra et al19 (n=149)59.5–
Brynskov et al17 (n=74)61.5–542.956.5
Pearson correlate0.76*0.72†
P value (two-tail sig.)0.140.17
  • *Pearson correlation of mean change in VA and mean total number of injections.

  • †Pearson correlation of final VA and mean total number of injections.

  • ANZ, New Zealand; ETDRS, Early Treatment Diabetic Retinopathy Study; SWI, Switzerland; VA, visual acuity.