Table 1

Demographic profiles of Zanzibari craftswomen (n=263)

nPercentage (%)
Age group (years)
 Older than 558632.70
 Mean age: 52.1±9.4
Level of education
 No formal education4115.70
 Did not complete primary education3714.20
 Completed primary education11443.70
 Completed secondary education6926.40
 Missing data=2
Type of craftwork engaged
 Tailoring and sewing8030.40
 Producing oil and making soaps249.10
Years working as craftswomen
 Less than a year to 10 years00
 >10–20 years16562.70
 >20–30 years7930.00
 >30–40 years134.90
 Missing data=151.90
Marital status
Number of children
 More than 84316.70
 Missing data=6
Number of dependents
 More than 8134.90
Personal monthly income level
 No income41.50
 Less than TSH100 000 (US$42.90)23288.20
 More than TSH100 000 (US$42.90) to TSH200 000 (US$84.80)207.60%
 More than TSH200 00072.70
 Median: TSH40 000 (IQR TSH25 000–TSH60 000) or US$17.15 (IQR US$10.72–US$25.73)