Table 1

Ophthalmic characteristics and grades of the brain lesions that participated in head MRI

Characteristics of the participants
Male, n (%)1127 (50.33)
Age (SD), years59.3 (11.7)
Ocular characteristics (right eye)
Intraocular pressure (SD), mm Hg12.72 (2.52)
Central corneal thickness (SD), mm0.515 (0.33)
Vertical cup-to-disc ratio (SD)0.311 (0.208)
Previous cataract surgery: no/yes96.4%/3.6%
Body parameter
Body mass index (SD) kg/m222.94 (3.09)
Grade of brain infarct lesions
Basal ganglia: grade 0/I/II93.6%/4.2%/2.2%
Thalamus: grade 0/I/II97.7%/2.0%/0.4%
Cerebellar white matter: grade 0/I99.6%/0.5%
Cerebellar grey matter: grade 0/I/II99.7%/0.2%/0.04%
Paralateral ventricle: grade 0/I/II96.5%/2.8%/0.7%
Cerebral white matter: grade 0/I/II98.7%/1.3%/0.1%
Cerebral grey matter: grade 0/I/II99.3%/0.6%/0.04%
Mesencephalon: grade 0/I100%/0%
Pons: grade 0/I/II98.9%/1.0%/0.1%
Lacunar infarction: grade 0/I90.5%/9.5%
  • All percentages may not total 100% due to rounding.