Table 3

Multivariable analysis for demographic and optic disc factors associated with grey crescent in glaucoma cases

Total N of eyesGrey crescent present n (%)Adjusted analysis*
OR (95% CI)P value
Age (per 10 years younger)2729273 (10.0)1.27 (1.11 to 1.43)0.001
 No1650144 (8.7)Ref
 Yes1079129 (12.0)1.46 (1.09 to 1.96)
Stereoscopically identified disc tilt<0.0001
 No2250187 (8.3)Ref
 Yes47986 (18.0)1.84 (1.36 to 2.48)
Sloping retinal region adjacent to the outer disc margin<0.0001
 No1995159 (8.0)Ref
 Yes734114 (15.5)2.37 (1.74 to 3.22)
Beta peripapillary atrophy<0.0001
 No85255 (6.5)Ref
 Yes1877218 (11.6)2.32 (1.60 to 3.37)
  • *The multivariable logistic regression model only included all the factors listed in this table.