Table 3

Primary treatment choice and response to treatment in aggressive retinopathy of prematurity (ROP)

ParameterBevacizumab injection
(7 eyes)
Ranibizumab injection
(33 eyes)
Laser ablation
(5 eyes)
ROP zone at primary treatment
 Zone I1 eyes19 eyesnone
 Posterior zone II2 eyes4 eyesnone
 Zone II4 eyes10 eyes5 eyes
PMA at primary treatment, weeks36.3±2.736.3±2.839.2±5.9
Anti-VEGF injection dose and numbers
B 0.625 mg 5 eyesR 0.25 mg 9 eyesnone
B 0.5 mg 2 eyesR 0.2 mg 16 eyes
R 0.1 mg 8 eyes
Periods of plus disease disappearance after primary treatment, days47.6±12.722.1±25.8 ~ not disappear20.2±11.3
Additional treatment-requiring eyes2 eyes (28.58%)21 eyes (63.64%)2 eyes (40.00%)
Duration of additional treatment after primary treatment, days1862.3±40.913
  • Values of gestational age, birth weight, PMA at primary treatment, periods of plus disease disappearance and duration of additional treatment each subgroup are presented as mean±SD.

  • anti-VEGF, antivascular endothelial growth factor; B, bevacizumab; PMA, postmenstrual age; R, ranibizumab.