Table 4

Management of the patients based on the optometrists’ provisional diagnosis, categorised by the International Classification of Diseases codes by WHO

Optometrists’ provisional diagnosisPatients retained in the community*, n (%)Patients referred to HES , n (%)
Eyelid, lacrimal system, orbit335 (81.3)60 (14.6)
Diseases of the conjunctiva357 (87.5)19 (4.7)
Disorders of the cornea and sclera443 (82.6)74 (13.8)
Disorders of the iris and ciliary body1 (3.4)27 (93.1)
Disorders of the lens23 (60.0)18 (40.0)
Disorders of choroid and retina6 (6.3)87 (90.6)
Glaucoma4 (10.5)33 (86.8)
Disorders of vitreous body and globe117 (82.4)25 (17.6)
Disorders of optic nerve and visual pathway0 (0.0)6 (100.0)
Disorders of ocular muscles, binocular movement, accommodation and refraction55 (87.3)7 (11.1)
Visual disturbances35 (60.3)14 (24.1)
  • Patients referred to the general practitioner are not shown in this table. For a total of 285 patients, no WHO disease code was applicable to the diagnosis.

  • * Patients managed in optometric practice or discharged without a pathology.