Table 5

Details of the patients’ management rated as inappropriate by the research team

Optometrists’ diagnosisReason for inappropriate rating
Corneal abrasionInappropriate patching*†
Seasonal allergic conjunctivitisUnnecessary referral to GP
Recurrent painful white eyeUnnecessary referral to HES
Viral conjunctivitisUnnecessary referral to HES
Bacterial conjunctivitisUnnecessary referral to GP
Possible CL-related infectionInappropriate treatment with chloramphenicol
UncertainPrescription error (mast-cell stabiliser and antihistamine)
Allergic reaction and styeInappropriate treatment with chloramphenicol and sodium cromoglycate
Recurring allergic conjunctivitisNo attempt to try antihistamines or mast-cell stabilisers prior to referring to GP, no IOP measurement prior to suggesting steroid drops to be prescribed by the GP*‡
Macular RPE changesInappropriate urgency for HES referral
Glaucoma suspectInappropriate urgency for HES referral
Single floaterNo dilation, no checking for Schaeffer’s sign*‡
  • *The patient could have come to harm due to the optometrists’ management.

  • †The patient returned to the practice, and it was confirmed that the abrasion had healed without any complications.

  • ‡The final outcome of these cases could not be established.

  • CL, contact lens; GP, general practitioner; HES, hospital eye services; IOP, intraocular pressure; RPE, retinal pigment epithelium.