Table 1

Survival (in per cent) and SD for the different exposures to the two dyes at the indicated concentrations, and results of F-test and t-test comparisons

Light immediateLight delayedDark immediateDark delayed
BBG 0.025%92.5±2.696.3±7.1111.6±4.598.7±9.7
BBG 0.05%99.5±7.991.3±2.7110.3±5.795.8±8
DDG 0.025%102.1±11.893.5±16.5117.3±9.294.5±8.1
DDG 0.05%95.3±10.699.4±10.8118±6.4109.2±20.3
F-test BBG/DDG 0.025%0.100.320.390.82
F-test BBG/DDG 0.05%0.600.120.180.27
t-test BBG/DDG 0.025%0.390.240.560.80
t-test BBG/DDG 0.05%0.220.570.130.19
  • BBG, Brilliant Blue G; DDG, Dye described here, named according to its similarity with BBG.