Table 6

Utility gains and cost per QALY results based on published evidence (INR 2016)

Utility calculationSharma et al 22 Brown et al 23 Brown et al 24 Sharma et al 25
Utility improvement based on improvements in VA (utility of improved state less initial utility)=0.84–0.62=0.22Using time trade off
Using standard
=0.97–0.76=0.21Using time trade off
Using standard
Incremental cost per QALY of RMS versus no intervention (INR 2016)
 If spectacles lasted 1 year92563675496910181137
 If spectacles lasted 2 years*463318377485509569
 If spectacles lasted 3 years*308212251323339379
  • *Future benefits discounted at a rate of 3% per year as recommended.18

  • INR, Indian rupee; RMS, ready-made spectacles; VA, visual acuity.