Table 3

Costs of delivering either RMS or CS (2016 INR)

Labour cost
 Optometrist, 25 048 INR/month,78.28
 Vision technician, 8841 INR/month,27.63
Device cost
 Spectacles (includes frame, lenses, manufacture and delivery)699.88
 Ready-made spectacles and cost of maintaining inventory147.34
 Cost of maintaining an inventory14.73
Equipment for eye testing
 Retinoscope, 28 732 INR, 6-year life3.203.20
 Trial set, 22 544 INR1.001.00
 Trial frame, 1915 INR0.090.09
 Letter chart, 21 129 INR, 10-year life0.030.03
 Indirect costs for infrastructure (room required to deliver the intervention)9.219.21
 PD ruler0.010.01
 Frame warmer0.290.29
  • CS, custom-made spectacles; INR, Indian rupee; PD,  pupillary distance ; RMS, ready-made spectacles.