Table 5

Logistic regression analysis of prognostic variables

Preoperative variableOR (SE)P value95% CI
For improvement in visual acuity
 Presence of disc pallor1.5 (2.1)0.70.11 to 21.5
 Preoperative VFI0.9 (0.02)0.50.9 to 1.02
 Average RNFL thickness0.9 (0.03)0.80.9 to 1.1
For improvement in visual field
 Presence of disc pallor8.8 (11.3)0.080.7 to 109.1
 Average RNFL thickness1.1 (0.02)0.006*0.01 to 1.1
  • *P<0.05.

  • RNFL, retinal nerve fibre layer; VFI, visual field index.