Table 1

Demographic and clinical profile of patients (N=29)

Sex, n (%)
 Male19 (65.5)
 Female10 (34.5)
 Mean age (SD) in years43.9 (12.8)
Presence of decrease in vision, n (%)
 Yes21 (72.4)
 No8 (27.6)
 Median (IQR) duration of visual complaints in months (n=21)8 (3–12)
Symptom of field cut, n (%)
 Yes4 (13.8)
 No25 (86.2)
Presence of diplopia, n (%)
 Yes4 (13.8)
 No25 (86.2)
 Mean tumour volume (±SE) in cubic centimetres11.7±0.2
 Mean logMAR VA in the right eye (SD)0.3(0.3)
 Mean logMAR in the left eye (SD)0.4(0.4)
Visual field defects, n (%)
 No defect8 (27.6)
 Bilateral superior temporal quadrantanopia3 (10.3)
 Bitemporal hemianopia12 (41.4)
 Advanced depression1 (3.4)
 Others5 (17.2)
 Mean follow-up duration (±SE) in months20.8±6.4
Disc pallor (%), n=58 eyes
 No pallor26 (44.8)
 Temporal pallor23 (39.7)
 Optic atrophy9 (15.5)
Mean RNFL thickness in microns (SD), n=58 eyes
 Superior115.1 (32.4)
 Nasal64.9 (22.6)
 Inferior118.7 (33.5)
 Temporal RNFL57.1 (20.6)
  • logMAR, logarithmic minimum angle of resolution; RNFL, retinal nerve fibre layer; VA, visual acuity.