Table 2

Number of images examined with each fundus camera, percentiles, p value with respect to the average distribution (Kolmogorov-Smirnov test) and absolute area differences with respect to the average for each percentile

No of cases0. value
All492 0231.291.461.731.952.202.643.03
Canon CR2-AF19 1911.321.481.741.952.202.633.020.071
Horus DEC 20079751.261.431.731.952.232.703.130.000
Nidek AFC33080531.321.491.751.952.182.623.010.001
Tomey TFC-100028 1071.271.441.721.952.212.663.050.001
Topcon NW400352 1771.291.461.731.952.202.643.030.991
CenterVue DRS64 8641.281.451.731.952.202.643.010.486
Topcon NW20011 6561.291.461.741.952.202.663.040.097
Absolute differences
Canon CR2-AF0.
Horus DEC 2000.
Nidek AFC3300.
Tomey TFC-10000.
Topcon NW4000.
CenterVue DRS0.
Topcon NW2000.
Maximum value0.10
  • ICC, intraclass correlation coefficient.