Table 1

Summary of results for the current study

Eyes (n)21
Age (years)73.3±11.145–91
Time to treat (hours)54.7±76.32–240
 First visit2.18±0.600.82–2.8
 1 month*1.54±0.840–2.5
 3 months*1.53±0.880–2.8
CRT (μm)
 First visit221±66130–444
 1 month*184±30136–241
 3 months*169±21123–207
 First visit1.09±0.220.68–1.54
 1 month*0.84±0.170.61–1.27
 3 months*0.68±0.110.61–0.91
A/D (%)
 First visit0.034±0.00950.021–0.054
 1 month0.035±0.0100.020–0.051
V/D (%)
 First visit0.040±0.0130.012–0.068
 1 month*0.052±0.0160.025–0.076
  • *Significantly different from the first visit (p<0.05)

  • A/D, ratio of retinal artery diameter to optic disc diameter; BCVA, best-corrected visual acuity; CRT, central retinal thickness; LogMAR, logarithm of the minimal angle of resolution; OIR, optical intensity ratio; V/D, ratio of retinal vein diameter to optic disc diameter.