Table 2

Causes of need for suture fixation

CausesNo of eyesRate (%)
IOL dislocation after cataract surgery5638.4
Inability to insert IOL due to complications during cataract surgery4027.4
Removal of IOL and lens by vitreous surgery117.5
Aphakic eye with ECCE or ICCE1611.0
Aphakic eye due to cataract surgery in children53.4
Subluxated lens due to Marfan syndrome42.7
Subluxated lens of unknown cause10.7
Deterioration of IOL (subsurface nano glistening)10.7
(Total no of eyes=146)
  • ECCE, extracapsular cataract extraction; ICCE, intracapsular cataract extraction; IOL, intraocular lens.