Table 2

ORs for relationship between visual status and laughter (n=19 452)

OR95% CIP for trendAdjusted OR*95% CIP for trend
Frequency of laughingAlmost every day
Visual status<0.01<0.01
 Excellent1.991.79 to 2.211.721.54 to 1.92
 Very good1.381.29 to 1.471.221.14 to 1.32
 Fair/poor0.710.63 to 0.800.860.76 to 0.98
Number opportunities to laugh≥4 Opportunities to laugh
Visual status<0.01<0.01
 Excellent1.451.30 to 1.621.251.11 to 1.40
 Very good1.271.18 to 1.371.121.04 to 1.22
 Fair/poor0.690.60 to 0.790.870.75 to 1.01
  • *Adjusted for age, sex, marital status, educational attainment, equivalised household income, depressive symptoms, frequency of meeting friends, total participation score and history of systemic comorbidities.