Table 1

Visual acuity and myopic shift in each group at 1-year follow-up

VariableAll eyesUnilateralBilateralP valueAphakesPseudophakesP value
Visual acuityFFL, FL, FNFL or NFL18/141 (12.8%)4/13 (30.8%)14/128 (10.9%)0.0415/95 (15.8%)3/46 (6.5%)0.12
LogMAR, mean±SD1.19±0.24, n=1231.00±0.19, n=91.21±0.22, n=1140.011.24±0.24, n=801.09±0.22, n=430.01
Myopic shift (D), mean±SD−3.45±1.93−3.96±2.73−3.40±1.960.64−2.90±1.83−4.54±1.820.02
  • (Bonferroni correction was made and p<0.008, that is, 0.05/6, was considered statistically significant.

  • FFL, fixing and following light; FL, fixing at light; FNFL, fixing at light but not following; NFL, not following light.