Table 2

The correlation between National Eye Institute 25-Item Visual Function Questionnaire subscales and stereopsis in patients with branch retinal vein occlusion at baseline

VFQ-25 subscales at baselineStereopsis at baseline
TNO stereo testTitmus stereo test
rP valuesrP values
General health−0.36<0.05*−0.220.20
General vision−0.39<0.05*−0.280.11
Ocular pain0.030.85−0.44<0.01*
Near activities−0.280.10−0.200.25
Distance activities−0.39<0.05*−0.240.17
Social functioning−0.45<0.01*−0.260.14
Mental health−0.210.23−0.060.74
Role difficulties−0.260.13−0.050.80
Colour vision−0.52<0.01*−0.320.06
Peripheral vision−0.38<0.05*−0.160.37
  • *Significant correlation between VFQ-25 subscales at baseline and stereopsis at baseline (Spearman’s correlation coefficient).

  • VFQ-25, 25-item National Eye Institute Visual Function Questionnaire.