Table 3

Comprehensive eye examination findings

Comprehensive eye examination findings (n=365 patients)Patients, n (%)Passed IBP, n
Amblyopia9 (2.5)0
Low hyperopia*75 (20.5)n/a
Moderate hyperopia†25 (6.8)n/a
High hyperopia11 (3)2
Low myopia187 (51.2)25
Moderate myopia28 (7.7)12
High myopia4 (1.1)3
Strabismus13 (3.8)2
Astigmatism123 (33.7)17
Anisometropia3 (0.8)0
Congenital cataract1 (0.3)0
Congenital glaucoma1 (0.3)0
  • *Findings in at least one eye, alone or in combination with other findings.

  • †Low and moderate hyperopia cases were counted only if they were diagnosed in combination with other diagnoses.

  • IBP, instrument-based photoscreening; n/a, not available.