Table 1

Improvement from baseline in medication adherence, decision conflict and glaucoma knowledge

QuestionnaireResultScore deviation from baseline (mean±SD)95% CIP value
10-GMASSImproved adherence−19.8±2.0(−16 to 23.5)<0.01
8-MMAQImproved adherence−0.8±0.3(−0.2 to 1.4)=0.01
DCSDecreased conflict−14.5±2.4(−9.7 to 19.3)<0.01
Glaucoma knowledgeImproved knowledge 2.5±0.3 (1.9 to 3.1)<0.01
  • 8-MMAQ, Morisky 8-item medication adherence questionnaire; 10-GMASS, 10-item glaucoma medication adherence self-efficacy scale; DCS, decision conflict scale.