Table 2

Summary of patient and ocular characteristics in systematic review

Patient characteristicsNo of patients (n=14)%
Age (years)
Presenting symptom(s)
 Blurred vision642.9
 Unspecified vision loss535.7
 Visual field deficit17.1
Bilateral involvement14100.0
Anti-retinal antibodies
 Not tested1392.9
Systemic irAEs
 Sarcoid-like granulomatous reaction214.3
 Autoimmune hepatitis/transaminitis214.3
 Autoimmune thyroiditis17.1
 Adrenal insufficiency17.1
 Not reported750.0
Cessation of immunotherapy
 Not reported214.3
Systemic melanoma status
 Partial response214.3
 Progression of disease321.4
 Not reported964.3
Ocular characteristicsNo of eyes (n=28)%
BCVA at presentation
 6/4.8 to <6/121139.3
 6/12 to <6/301035.7
 6/30 to 3/60517.9
Retinal findings
 Melanoma-associated retinopathy (MAR)414.3
 Acute exudative polymorphous vitelliform maculopathy (AEPVM)1242.9
 Serous retinal detachment1035.7
 Birdshot-like chorioretinopathy27.1
 Concurrent optic nerve involvement27.1
 Concurrent choroidal detachment414.3
 Concurrent choroidal neovascularisation (CNV)13.6
 Topical corticosteroids1035.7
 Periocular corticosteroids517.9
 Intravitreal corticosteroids414.3
 Systemic corticosteroids1657.1
 Other systemic immunosuppressants27.1
Ocular outcome
 Complete resolution1139.3
 Partial resolution1035.7
 No change414.3
 Further visual decline13.6
 No follow-up27.1
Symptom onset after immunotherapy initiation (weeks)
Median (IQR)7.5 (5.25–19.75)
Duration of follow-up (weeks)
 Median (IQR)17 (4.75–26)