Table 3

Relationship between vascular geometry with the incidence or progression of glaucoma

Study and yearStudy typeFollow-up durationSample sizeMethod of assessmentOutcomeChanges in parameters in association with glaucoma
Arteriolar calibreVenular calibre
Lee et al 102
Hospital-based, prospective study24.3 monthsNTG: 27IVANProgression of glaucoma: 27ReducedNot significant
Kawasaki et al 100
(The Blue Mountains Eye Study)
Population-based, prospective study10 yearsTotal: 2417OptimateIncidence of glaucoma: 82ReducedNot significant
Ikram et al 101
(Rotterdam Eye Study)
Population-based, prospective study6.5 yearsTotal: 3464OptimateIncidence of glaucoma: 74Not significantNot significant
Papastathopoulos & Jonas64
Hospital-based, prospective study37 monthsOHT: 31
POAG: 59
NTG: 22
SOAG: 11
Colour stereo optic disc photographsProgression of glaucoma: 37Reduced
  • CRAE, central retinal artery equivalent; CRVE, central retinal vein equivalent; NTG, normal tension glaucoma; OHT, ocular hypertension; POAG, primary open-angle glaucoma; SOAG, secondary open-angle glaucoma; –, parameter not investigated.