Table 3

Subsequent surgeries over the entire follow-up*

Subsequent surgeryAADI (n=34 eyes)AGV (n=26 eyes)
Tube trim720.613.8
Exposure repair25.927.7
Ripcord/stent suture removal2573.527.7
Another glaucoma surgery00.01038.5
Tube flush12.927.7
Implant removal25.927.7
Encapsulation revision00.013.8
Cataract surgery00.027.7
Optical penetrating keratoplasty00.027.7
Pars plana vitrectomy12.9623.1
  • *The mean duration of follow-up in the AGV and AADI groups was 25.33±11.03 months and 13.77±10.07 months, respectively.

  • AADI, Aurolab aqueous drainage implant; AGV, Ahmed glaucoma valve.