Table 2

Characteristics at the study follow-up examination in patients undergoing bilateral cataract surgery before 12 weeks of age (n=15 patients, 30 eyes)

Age in years6.1 (1.5 to 10.2)
SE in D; n=24−5.8 (−12.5 to 2.4)
AL mm, eyes; n=2422.3 (19.3 to 25.8)
K mean (D), eyes; n=2745.7 (42.2 to 52.3)
IOP (mm Hg)15 (8 to 23)
  • All data available unless otherwise stated. Summary of observations is presented as median (range, minimum to maximum).

  • AL, axial length; D, diopters; IOP, intraocular pressure; K, keratometry; SE, spherical equivalent.