Table 3

Descriptive statistics, eyes with secondary glaucoma

GenderAge at surgeryAge at research examinationAetiologyPrematurityMorphologyAge at glaucoma diagnosisTreatmentCDVA logMARVAO surgery (n)
1-ODFIMCNoLamellar and nuclearECAhmed valve0.563
1-OSFIMCNoLamellar and nuclearECTrabeculectomia0.622
2-OSMIMCDown syndromeYesLamellarECDrops onlyNot achievable1
3-ODMIMCNoNuclearMCDrops only0.35
3-OSMIMCNoNuclearMCDrops only0.285
  • CDVA, corrected distance visual acuity; EC, early childhood (2–5 years); F, female; I, infancy (28 days–12 months); M, male; MC, middle childhood (6–11 years); no, number; OD, right eye; OS, left eye; Pt, patient; VAO, visual axis opacification.