Table 2

Disinfection measurements due to COVID-19

n (%)n (%)n (%)
How often do you disinfect your hands?
 Always (after every examination)48(78.7)31(63.3)79(69.9)
 Not answered0(0.0)1(2.0)4(3.5)
Do you lift the patient’s upper eyelid for the funduscopy while they are looking down?
 Always (in every examination)33(54.1)21(42.9)54(47.8)
 Not answered0(0.0)1(2.0)4(3.5)
How often do you or your assistant take the time to disinfect the examination unit after the examination?
 Always (after every examination)39(63.9)27(55.1)66(58.4)
 Not answered0(0.0)1(2.0)4(3.5)
What are you disinfecting?
 Chin and forehead rest of the patient60(98.4)48(98.0)108(95.6)
 Slit lamp handles41(67.2)32(65.3)73(64.6)
 Examination chair38(62.3)32(65.3)70(61.9)
How often do you disinfect your lenses?
 After each examination13(21.3)11(22.4)24(21.2)
 Several times a day26(42.6)13(26.5)39(34.5)
 Every day12(19.7)13(26.5)25(22.1)
 Once a week1(1.6)5(10.2)6(5.3)
 Less than once a week8(13.1)5(10.2)13(11.5)
 Not answered0(0.0)1(2.0)4(3.5)