Table 1

Protective measures taken to reduce the transmission of SARS-CoV-2 and the impact on the ophthalmological examination

n (%)n (%)n (%)
What protective measures have been taken to reduce the transmission of SARS-CoV-2 at your work place?
 Face masks for patients60(98.4)47(95.9)107(94.7)
 Face masks for doctors58(95.1)46(93.9)104(92.0)
 Barrier measures on the slit lamp60(98.4)45(91.8)105(92.9)
 Wearing protective gloves26(42.6)13(26.5)39(34.5)
 Surface disinfection after using the slit lamp56(91.8)41(83.7)97(85.8)
 Fever measurement and symptom questionnaire before the examination29(47.5)23(46.9)52(46.0)
 Reduction of the planned appointments36(59.0)27(55.1)63(55.8)
Which face mask do you use most frequently?
 Cloth mask1(1.6)0(0.0)1(0.9)
 Surgical mask4(6.6)11(22.4)15(13.3)
 FFP1 mask1(1.6)3(6.1)4(3.5)
 FFP2 mask49(80.3)29(59.2)78(69.0)
 FFP3 mask1(1.6)0(0.0)1(0.9)
Who provided the masks?
 Representation of interests, for example, medical association9(14.8)11(22.4)20(17.7)
 Financed from own resources11(18.0)7(14.3)18(15.9)
In your experience, have these protective measures made the examination conditions more difficult/changed them?
 Totally agree25(41.0)29(59.2)54(47.8)
 Rather agree21(34.4)15(30.6)36(31.9)
 Neither agree nor disagree13(21.3)4(8.2)17(15.0)
 Rather disagree1(1.6)0(0.0)1(0.9)
 Not answered0(0.0)1(2.0)4(3.5)
Which difficulties do you experience due to the protective measures?
 Fogging of the slit lamp oculars40(65.6)39(79.6)79(69.9)
 Fogging of the lenses55(90.2)44(89.8)99(87.6)
 Difficult operability of the slit lamp due to the slit lamp protection barriers42(68.9)26(53.1)68(60.2)
 Time delay due to disinfection measures43(70.5)34(69.4)77(68.1)
What do you do to stop fogging of the oculars?
 You completely remove your face mask1(2.5)3(7.7)†4(5.1)
 You pull your face mask under the nose7(17.5)14(35.9)†21(26.6)†
 You hold your breath during examination22(55.0)†21(53.8)†43(54.4)†
 You tape off the upper edge of the face mask to your skin10(25.0)†15(38.5)†25(31.6)†
What do you do to stop lens fogging?
 You ask the patient to completely remove their face mask3(5.5)*2(4.5)*5(5.1)*
 You ask the patient to pull the face mask under the nose26(47.3)*19(43.2)*45(45.5)*
 You press the face mask with your fingers to the patient’s face to minimise the escaping air28(50.9)*19(43.2)*47(47.5)*
 You tape the upper edge of the patient’s mask to their face12(21.8)*8(18.2)*20(20.2)*
 You interrupt the examination several times39(70.9)*28(63.6)*67(67.7)*
 You are trying to avoid funduscopy2(3.6)*3(6.8)*5(5.1)*
 You are trying to replace funduscopy with fundus photography6(10.9)*5(11.4)*11(11.1)*
How many patients do you examine per day on average?
 Not answered4(6.6)1(2.0)4(3.5)
How many patients per day on average do you perform funduscopy on?
 Not answered0(0.0)1(2.0)4(3.5)
In your experience, have COVID-19 protective measures reduced the overall quality of your fundoscopic examination?
 Totally agree7(11.5)11(22.4)18(15.9)
 Rather agree19(31.1)12(24.5)31(27.4)
 Neither agree nor disagree14(23.0)9(18.4)23(20.4)
 Rather disagree7(11.5)6(12.2)13(11.5)
 Not answered1(1.6)1(2.0)5(4.4)
In your experience, have COVID-19 protective measures reduced the overall quality of your slit lamp examination?
 Totally agree5(8.2)6(12.2)11(9.7)
 Rather agree10(16.4)14(28.6)24(21.2)
 Neither agree nor disagree19(31.1)7(14.3)26(23.0)
 Rather disagree12(19.7)8(16.3)20(17.7)
 Not answered0(0.0)1(2.0)4(3.5)
  • *Percentage of persons that selected ‘Fogging of the lenses’.

  • †Percentage of persons that selected ‘Fogging of the slit lamp oculars’.

  • FFP, filtering face piece.