Table 1

Comparison between the symptomatic patients with silicone floaters identified during the outbreak period and the 34 non-symptomatic patients where intravitreal silicone was found in the examined eye among 50 non-symptomatic consecutive patients investigated (Non-symptomatic)

VariableSymptomatic, n=46Non-symptomatic, n=34P value
Mean (SD)RangeMean (SD)Range
Age72.7 (13.0)30–9581.2 (8.8)59–980.000
Visual acuity during outbreak0.19 (0.20)−0.18 to 0.740.24 (0.24)−0.10 to 0.840.622
Intravitreal injections during outbreak5.1 (1.8)2–84.5 (2.0)2–80.197
Intravitreal injections (total)20.6 (16.7)2–6634.3 (29.8)3–1170.033
PercentagePercentageP value
Male sex37.020.60.142
Diabetic macular oedema15.25.90.288
Retinal vein occlusion23.917.60.587
Neovascular AMD58.773.50.236