Table 2

Assessment of systemic abnormalities of proboscis lateralis

Systemic abnormalityEyes (n=100)Subtype of systemic abnormalityn (%)
nOut of*%
Sinonasal deformity879987.9Heminasal aplasia53 (53.5)
Heminasal hypoplasia21 (21.2)
Ethmoidal hypoplasia/aplasia22 (22.2)
Maxillary hypoplasia/aplasia21 (21.2)
Facial deformity295354.7High-arched palate8 (15.1)
Wide forehead6 (11.3)
Elongated philtrum4 (7.6)
Cleft lip/palate2410024.0
Central nervous system involvement183256.2Ventricular dilatation11 (34.4)
Macrocephaly9 (28.1)
Corpus callosum anomalies5 (15.6)
Optic nerve hypoplasia5 (15.6)
Abnormal genitals2326.3Genital hypoplasia2 (6.3)
Abnormal kidney1323.1Kidney agenesis, duplex renal pelvis with single ureter1 (3.1)
Cardiovascular system involvement1323.1Ventricular septal defect, patent ductus arteriosus1 (3.1)
  • *The rest of the cases are not observed in the analysed review of literature.