Table 1

Logistic regression predicting offer at first application to OST

VariableBWaldSig.Exp(B)95% CI for exp(B)
Age on first application−0.1016.7100.0100.9040.8370.976
EPM normal deviate0.93178.8090.0002.5372.0663.117
Examination taken prior to application1.02226.8250.0002.7781.8874.089
Only applied to OST−0.0500.0810.7760.9510.6741.343
Year of first application0.0500.6250.4291.0510.9281.191
Medical school applicant graduated from46.4430.028
  • Cases with EPM scores only (applying from 2012 onwards) N=850, missing data in 20 cases.

  • EPM, educational performance measure; OST, ophthalmology specialty training.