Table 3

Area under the curve (AUC) for the models using univariable logistic regression predicting myopia onset

FactorAUC95% CI
Age0.470.41 to 0.52
Gender0.530.45 to 0.61
Elementary grade0.530.45 to 0.61
Parental myopia0.550.47 to 0.64
Spherical equivalent0.640.57 to 0.71
Axial length0.620.54 to 0.71
Presenting visual acuity0.530.44 to 0.61
Negative relative accommodation0.530.45 to 0.62
Positive relative accommodation0.660.58 to 0.74
Near work time0.550.45 to 0.65
Outdoor time0.530.38 to 0.62