Table 4

Multiple logistic regression model for selenium levels of <93 µg/L, which were significantly associated with severe disease after adjusting for demographic factors

VariablesCoefficientSEWaldP-valueOR95% CI for OR
Selenium <93 µg/L2.090.6311.220.0018.142.39 to 27.75
Age0.0010.020.0040.951.000.96 to 1.04
Male sex0.850.562.290.132.330.78 to 6.99
Abnormal thyroid status1.180.584. to 10.04
Smoking0.741.250.350.552.090.18 to 24.19
Thyroidectomy0.651.290.250.621.910.15 to 23.88
Radioiodine0.070.690.010.921.070.28 to 4.11
Diabetes0.840.870.940.332.330.42 to 12.81