Table 2

Outcome measures at the end of 12 months according to disease type

VariablesnAMD (N=50)DMO (N=37)RVO (N=30)P value*
BCVA change (ETDRS letters)5 (−30 to 40)2 (−5 to 20)11 (−20 to 35)0.032†
CMT change (μm)−41.5 (−340 to 81)−54 (−482 to 50)−137 (−478 to 43)0.022‡
No of Injections10 (5 to 17)9 (3 to 13)10 (5 to 13)0.028§
Final BCVA (ETDRS letters)66.5 (20 to 85)72 (0 to 85)68 (0 to 80)0.024¶
Final CMT (μm)282.5 (195 to 551)296 (226 to 532)288 (222 to 710)0.242
  • Data are medians (range).

  • *P values are global p values testing for a difference between any of the diseases. (Kruskal-Wallis for continuous variables). For comparisons that are significant at the global level, adjusted pairwise p values for individual study comparisons are reported. Significant p values are bolded.

  • †nAMD vs DMO p=0.494; DMO vs RVO p=0.027; nAMD vs RVO p=0.417.

  • ‡nAMD vs DMO p=1.000; DMO vs RVO p=0.033; nAMD vs RVO p=0.046.

  • §nAMD vs DMO p=0.019; DMO vs RVO p=0.498; nAMD vs RVO p=1.000.

  • nAMD vs DMO p=0.019; DMO vs RVO p=0.498; nAMD vs RVO p=0.834.

  • BCVA, best-corrected visual acuity; CMT, central macular thickness; DMO, diabetic macular oedema; ETDRS, early treatment diabetic retinopathy study; nAMD, neovascular age-related macular degeneration; RVO, retinal vein occlusion.