Table 1

Crossing point (Cp), respectively cycle threshold (Ct) values by RealStar (targeting E-gene and S-gene) and Xpert (targeting E-gene and N2-gene) analysis for SARS-CoV-2 in nasopharyngeal swabs and tear fluids. COVID-19 disease severity according to WHO categorisation and timing of tear sample collection in the patient's disease course.

Nasopharyngeal swabTear fluidCOVID-19 disease severityTiming of tear sampling in disease course
(days after onset of symptoms*)
Patient 120.5520.09NAModerate8
Patient 223.3022.89NAModerate3
Patient 316.9816.59NAModerate14
Patient 415.5314.82NA34.5733.92Moderate3
Patient 528.50NA31.40Moderate20
Patient 632.2131.60NAModerate14
Patient 728.7928.46NAModerate2
Patient 831.0930.45NAModerate14
Patient 928.0227.58NASevere5
Patient 1021.9521.49NAModerate2
Patient 1132.4631.57NASevere6
Patient 1224.7024.16NAModerate3
Patient 1329.20NA32.0031.3630.86Moderate14
Patient 1417.70NA20.20Moderate4
Patient 1518.50NA20.90Moderate10
Patient 1618.2717.61NAModerate6
Patient 1720.30NA22.50Moderate7
Patient 1826.20NA29.10Moderate4
Patient 1913.40NA15.50Mild3
Patient 2018.7018.12NA17.8217.99Moderate6
Patient 2122.3622.02NA31.7330.76Moderate8
Patient 2232.9832.27NA28.4427.26Mild1
Patient 2317.6816.98NA28.9028.53Mild2
Patient 2426.20NA28.80Moderate6
Patient 2516.9016.29NA32.1931.64Moderate4
Patient 2632.7231.57NAModerate14
  • *COVID-19 associated symptoms as defined by the WHO (eg, fever, cough, fatigue, anorexia, shortness of breath, myalgia, anosmia and ageusia).

  • NA, not available.