Тable 4

Univariate and multivariate linear regression analyses of the covariates affecting corneal endothelium cell count in SLT-treated glaucoma patients

VariableUnivariate analysisMultiple analysis
Adjusted R2=0.673, p=0.000
Univariate analysisMultiple analysis
Adjusted R2=0.870, p=0.000
Regression coefficient R2Р valueRegression coefficient R2Р valueVIFRegression coefficient R2Р valueRegression coefficient R2Р valueVIF
Endothelial cell count prior to SLT0.861 (0.741)0.0000.706 (0.498)0.0001.0570.909 (0.826)0.0000.891 (0.793)0.0001.039
Pigmented deposits on the corneal endothelium−0.326 (0.106)0.0190.245 (0.060)0.105
Anterior chamber depth−0.397 (0.157)0.0080.254 (0.065)0.0001.010−0.347 (0.120)0.009
Age−0.361 (0.130)0.016−0.196 (0.038)0.0001.048−0.299 (0.089)0.025−0.227 (0.051)0.0001.034
Duration of glaucoma treatment−0.302 (0.091)0.047−0.317 (0.100)0.043
  • '–', Excluded from multivariate linear regression analysis; VIF, variance inflation factor.