Table 1

Baseline characteristics of SLT-treated eyes in PACG and POAG

ParametersPOAGPACGP value
Age, years69±6.668±7.90.492
Duration of glaucoma treatments before SLT, years4.92±1.764.67±1.650.534
Diabetes mellitus39.29%35.56%0.298
Central corneal thickness, µm550±26.96546±220.547
Corneal hysteresis, mm Hg9.53±1.4410.18±1.450.238
Corneal resistance factor, mm Hg10.53±2.0411.76±1.900.204
Endothelial cell count (cells/mm2)2473±1772436±1710.180
Mean energy used, mJ0.92±0.110.88±0.090.687
Angle pigmentation (0–3)2.1±0.751.89±0.870.630
Anterior–posterior axis, mm23.34±0.722.93±1.460.021
Anterior chamber depth, mm3.02±0.272.72±0.290.012
Baseline MD, dB−2.25±3.96−1.71±3.760.291
Baseline PSD, dB4.62±4,063.31±3.270.763
Baseline RNFL, µm97.17±15.2298.54±16.160.370
Dimensions of ACA upwards (°)24.67±6.6413.99±2.480.003
Dimensions of ACA downwards (°)26.68±6.5823.45±6.210.121
Pseudophakia, %26.79%22.2%0.278
Baseline IOPсс, mm Hg23.28±3.6724.21±2.380.363
IOPсс 1 hour after SLT, mm Hg19.44±7.1319.66±4.040.651
IOPсс 24 hours after SLT, mm Hg15.62±3.4717.52±2.60.135
IOPсс 1 week after SLT, mm Hg19.46±5.818.38±2.030.586
IOPсс 1 month after SLT, mm Hg18.56±3.2718.27±3.340.928
IOPсс 6 months after SLT, mm Hg18.67±4.3618.92±3.490.642
No of baseline antiglaucoma medications1.32±0.521.26±0.60.375
Type of hypotensive eye drops before SLT, %
Prostaglandin analogues (were switched to carbonic anhydrase inhibitors 3 weeks before SLT)28.57%32.73%0.356
Carbonic anhydrase inhibitors19.64%25.45%0.189
Alpha-adrenergic agonists26.79%18.18%0.144
No drops10.71%9.09%0.648
  • ACA, anterior chamber angle; BCVA, Best Corrected Visual Acuit; IOPcc, corneal compensated intraocular pressure; PACG, primary angle closure glaucoma; POAG, primary open angle glaucoma; PSD, pattern standard deviation; RNFL, retinal nerve fiber layer; SLT, selective laser trabeculoplasty.