Table 2

Physician demographics and practice preferences

Overall (n=10)Glaucoma (n=4)Retina (n=6)
GenderF: 1 (10%)F: 0 (0%)F: 1 (16.7%)
M: 9 (90%)M: 4M: 5 (83.3%)
Years of service (median)9.5 years17.5 years6 years
Q1 In your clinical practice, do you pay attention to anxiety and depression in the global assessment of the patient?Y: 9 (90%)Y: 4Y: 5 (83.3%)
N: 1 (10%)N: 0 (0%)N: 1 (16.7%) (I do not know the consequences on adherence to the prescribed therapy)
Q2 Overall, in your opinion the use of the questionnaire is:Useful: 9 (90%)Useful: 4Useful: 5 (83.3%)
Useless: 1 (10%)Useless: 0 (0%)Useless: 1 (16.7%)
Q3 Do you think that ophthalmologists are sufficiently trained on how the presence of anxiety and depression affects treatment adherence?No: 10No: 4No: 6