Table 2

Demographics data, phakic status, the preoperative and the final VA in the logMAR scale and the procedures performed in each group

TotalMacula-on (group A)Macula-off
(group B+C+D)
Group B
(DMD ≤3 days)
Group C
(DMD 4–7 days)
Group D
(DMD ≥8 days)
Age in years (mean±SD)59.0±10.955.3±10.661.1±10.662.8±8.3360.5±9.7659.7±13.9
Phakic patients (%)49%68%42%41%41%44%
Number of detached quadrants (mean±SD)1.95±0.81
Preoperative VA in logMAR (mean±SD)1.03±0.850.11±0.091.53±0.641.60±0.621.45±0.651.54±0.67
Final VA in logMAR (mean±SD)0.13±0.190.04±0.070.175±0.220.05±0.060.15±0.150.36±0.29
PPV only (n)44133110129
SB only (n)220000
PPV + SB (n)1019135
PnR only (n)251312651
PnR + PPV (n)1138521
PnR + SB (n)220000
PnR + PPV + SB (n)202002
  • The number of detached quadrants was noted for patients with macula-off RRD.

  • DMD, duration of macular detachment; logMAR, logarithm of the minimum angle of resolution; PnR, pneumatic retinopexy; PPV, pars plana vitrectomy; SB, scleral buckling; VA, visual acuity.